Library Lines: Tuesday, 21 January 2020

There’s plenty going on in the library this last week of the school holidays!

As well as the school holiday programme on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the younger children at 10.30 am, and Crafty Creations for the older children at 3.30 pm, there’s also the Australiana scavenger trail for all ages to complete. Pictures of 30 animals, birds, plants, fish and flowers are hidden amongst the shelving, and need to be found and identified.

It’s great fun and will take you on a exploration of the library and its collections and all completed entries win prizes.

On Wednesday 22 January 2020 we will be having two events in the library.

The first is a ‘thank you’ to all our library volunteers who assist with shelving and running the many library programmes that we present, such as Bookends Literacy Assist, and Junior Brain Games.

Library volunteers are invited to a light lunch at 12.30 – please let the library know on 67490 2190 if you are able to attend!

At 3.00pm there will be a presentation of milestone certificates for 1,000 Books Before School and 1,000 Books After School participants. Light refreshments will be offered.

At 3.30pm Jade Punch, author and artist, will be holding a ‘Possum workshop’ for Crafty Creations, the library’s school holiday programme for older children. Children will be doing possum handicrafts, and Jade will present a possum drawing workshop. Places are limited for this session, which costs $3.00 and is for children aged 7 years and older.

Please ring the library on 6740 2190 to secure a place for your child.

In keeping with the Australia animal and possum theme, the library has plenty of books. As well as the beloved Possum Magic by Mem Fox, the library also holds a set of Possum one titles, including The outback rocket ship, Big flood, Drought, and Earthquake. These rhyming books with their bright illustrations are delightful. There’s also Goodnight Possum by Coral Vass and Snug as a hug: an Australian lullaby by Marcia Vaughan.

Find out more about Australian animals by borrowing Amazing fact: about Australian mammals by Queensland museum and Steve Parrish, and read about Conservation in Australia in Amazing facts about Australian wildlife conservation by Karin Cox and Steve Parish. As well as facts about animals, the book also delves into endangered plants, birds and sea life. There’s a glossary, a list of other publications, and also web sites to consult included in the book.

See you next year at the library!