Library Lines: Tuesday, 03 April 2018

On Thursday, 5 April, from 12.00pm to 1.30 pm, the library will be hosting a healthy ‘Brain Ageing Information Session’. This session ‘addresses the myths surrounding dementia and provides information relating to normal ageing and memory loss’. This information session is FREE, and is suitable for carers, family and friends, and anyone interested in knowing more about this condition and how to help prevent it.

The library will have a stand at the Youth Expo being held in Wolseley Park and The Civic on Tuesday, 10 April, 2018.

One component of the library’s display will be an interactive Drug and Alcohol Information Hub, on loan to Gunnedah Shire Library by the State Library of New South Wales. This Hub was developed in partnership with the State Library of NSW and NSW Health.

The Hub uses several different ways to provide people with up-to-date and accessible information about drugs and alcohol, including brochures, websites with short quizzes, and a ‘Know Your Standards’ drinks display.

There will also be two Fatal Vision Beer Goggles - one pair simulates a low level of impairment, with an estimated BAC of less than .06, while the Red Label simulates a moderate to high level of impairment, an estimated BAC of .12 to .15+. Here the impairment is more apparent and easily recognised.

These goggles will be one of several available resources that people can access during the Youth Week Expo, held between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

On the same day, the library will also be holding an open day for seniors, including seniors reading to children, storytelling for seniors, and Brain Games. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be available for those who wish to spend a day at the Library. Please phone us on 6740 2191 for more information or to make a booking for a spot!

The library holds many titles of interest to both young people and seniors. One of the best sets is Issues in Society, which is an Australian series highlighting such issues as sexual orientation and gender identity , online safety, changing family trends, positive body image, gambling problems, food safety, carers: aging and disability, suicide prevention, domestic and family violence, tackling child sexual abuse, children and young people at risk, poverty and social exclusion, alcohol and binge drinking, tobacco smoking, drugs and addiction, and dealing with bullying.

All these books are Australian orientated, are available for loan and have, as well as the written information, a list of fast facts and useful web sites.

See you soon at our stand at the Youth Expo, or at the library!