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Library Lines

Library Lines: Tuesday, 08 October, 2019

There are still plenty of pink prizes to be won in our ‘Fifty shades of pink’ display! Just borrow a book from the pink themed display cases and if you have selected a lucky book it will be indicated when you check it out, and you can select your reward! Surprisingly enough, there are pink covered books in all genres, including manly westerns and science fiction, so there is something for everyone – just come on in and try your luck.

The library is also collecting funds for the Pink October campaign – just drop your spare coins in the box by the service desk to support this worthy cause.

Also happening at the library this week is the school holiday programme, with youngsters of all ages catered for. For children under seven years, there’s storytelling and handicrafts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 10.30am until 11.00am . These sessions are free and no booking is required. Just come along and enjoy yourself!

Older children can come along on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and participate in Crafty Creations from 3.30pm to 4.30 pm. Spaces are limited for these sessions, so bookings are preferred and there is also a small charge of $3 per child.

New books are added to the shelves each week. Amongst the titles this week are David Lagercrantz’s The girl who lived twice which is a continuation of Steig Larsson’s Millennium series. ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo is back’. Australian author Barbara Hannay latest novel is Meet me in Venice but when widow Daisy invites her three children to her late husband’s home city of Venice, a shocking secret is revealed.

There are plenty of new books for children as well, including a set of fairy tales and popular classics that have been based on the original stories. These adapted books are ideal for beginning readers who may not yet be able to cope with the full length novel. Titles include Black Beauty, Peter Pan, Wind in the Willows, and Treasure Island.

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 01 October, 2019

Gunnedah Shire Library is getting right behind the “Pink up Gunnedah Shire’ for the Pink up October campaign –

Fifty shades of grey is sooooooooooo yesterday – Come to the library and check out our ‘Fifty shades of pink’ display - !

Our display cubes have been filled with pink covered books in all genres from mystery to thriller to romance to westerns, as well as a good selection of non-fiction books on all subjects – self-help, cooking, gardening and biographies.

To add a touch of spice to the display, several of the books have been specially tagged, and if you are the lucky borrower who checks these books out, you can select a pink – of course – award from the library staff to take home along with your book!

So get reading from our Fifty Shades of Pink display – you could discover new authors, new genres, and take home a prize as well!

New pink books added to the shelves this week include While you were reading by Australian authors Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus – ‘funny, poignant and insightful … reveals that there’s no such thing as perfection, the value of true friendship and, most importantly, the power of not living in fiction, but still reading it … Often.’
There’s also the new romance novel by Sophie Kinsella I owe you one ‘ Love means all debts are off.’ It’s ‘a story of love, empowerment and an IOU that changes everything.’

Diary of a crap housewife by Jessica Rowe tells its readers to ‘embrace your perfectly imperfect life’. The book is described as ‘fabulously funny, down to earth … what’s really important when it comes to mothering and family …’ A great book that is sure to strike chords with everyone, and that doesn’t need to be read from cover to cover – it can be dipped into when time allows, and also includes the occasional recipe.

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Plenty of new books have been added to the shelves this week.

Readers of historical fiction should enjoy A tapestry of treason by Anne O’Brien. It’s set in 1399 and features Constance of York, and is described as ‘with treason, heartbreak and betrayal, this is the story of a woman ahead of her time, fighting for herself and what she believed to be right in a world of men’.

‘Electrifying and filled with masterful suspense’ is the new novel by Val McDermid How the dead speak, a thriller starring Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Or you could try a novel by Australian author Sonia Orchard Into the fire described as ‘a perceptive, provoking story of friendship and intimacy.’

This Wednesday the library staff will deliver bags of books to shop bound members, who cannot leave their shops to change their items.

If you are a shopkeeper, or have staff who can’t leave the premises to visit the library, our staff can select books, magazines or talking books for them in their preferred subjects or genres, and deliver to them the joys of reading or listening to books to the shop door.

The service is free, and joining the library is easy, a simple form, an indication of the type and number of books you would like to receive, and it’s done!

Even if you don’t wish to borrow books, the library still has plenty to offer – there are computers to use, free wifi, a printing and copying machine for 40 cents a page, newspapers, and magazines.

The library is also runs a number of programmes such as Brain training @ the library each Monday, Knit and Natter, Colour and Chatter on Saturday mornings, and Bookends Literacy Assist on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Please contact the library staff on 6740 2190 for further information.