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Figure 2 LibraryGunnedah Shire Library is your gateway to enjoyment and lifelong reading.
It’s a social meeting place where people can pursue their individual interests in a pleasant community setting. 
Our aim is to provide the residents of Gunnedah Shire, and visitors to the area, a pleasant community setting in which they can meet their recreational and educational needs.

Here are the services offered by Gunnedah Shire Library:

  • Community Displays
  • DVD's & CD's
  • Free Internet Access
  • Free Membership
  • Housebound Service
  • Shopbound Service
  • Inter-library Loans Service
  • Large Print
  • Local Studies Resources
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Microfilm/fiche Reader & Printer
  • Photocopier
  • Playaways
  • Talking Books
  • Weekly Toddler Time & Craft
  • Wireless internet
  • Word processing

1000 books before school1,000 Books before School programme will begin at Gunnedah library in January 2014.
Even though this programme officially starts in January, parents can join their children at any time during the year.
By reading just one book each evening, the target of 1,000 books can be achieved in less than three years and the child will be set for a lifelong love of books and learning – a great outcome for an investment of three to five minutes each day, and not difficult at all.
Certificates will be awarded for reading 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 and then 1,000 books, so when the child starts school or preschool, not only will they have a handful of awards that they can show their classmates and teachers, but they will also have a head start in learning to read and write.

family historyThere's a Family History Group that meets at the library every second Wednesday and every fourth Friday of each month, at 10.30. They can help with getting you started with your research.
The library also has books about researching family history that can be borrowed.
The library also subscribes to an online database: the ProQuest Ancestry Library. This database includes Australian electoral rolls, convict records, UK and US census records, and US immigration collection.
There is a charge to use this database, and once it had been paid, the password and login are good for one year.
The library also holds microfiche/film records of the local papers and they are available during opening hours.
Staff can assist if necessary.

Housebound serviceThe Gunnedah Shire Library offers a free of charge Housebound Service so that people who are confined to their homes still have access to library materials

Who is Eligible? Anyone who is unable to visit the library because of long term ill, health, age, handicap etc...

What is Available? Small and large print fiction, non-fiction books, music CD's, talking booking (CD & playaway), magazines, newspapers & DVD's.

Who chooses them? The library staff will choose material according to the taste of the borrower.

Who delivers them? A staff member or volunteer will deliver the new items and pick up the old ones for return.

When are the books delivered? Every second Wednesday.

How many can you have? How ever many are needed for the fortnight but no more than 20 items.

How do you arrange for this service? Simply call the library on 67402190 during library hours.

shopboundserviceThe Shop Bound Service is tailored to meet the needs of those people in shops whose working hours match the library hours, and so are unable to access the library and its services. The service will operate like the housebound library service, which delivers bags of books directly to people unable to come to the library.
People wanting to take part in the Shop Bound Service simply need to fill out a library application form if they are not a member already, and answer a brief questionnaire which will give library staff their reading preferences. Using these preferences, library staff will select relevant material, check it out for the user, and deliver a bag of books to their shop every two weeks.
If any business or shop wishes to use this service, please ring 6740 2190 and a staff member will visit with the relevant forms.

ForeignLanguageBooksFrom the State Library of NSW, Gunnedah Library can burrow books in over 50 different languages. The books are available in all levels and in all categories: adult fiction and non-fiction, children's fiction and non-fiction, and picture books. There are approximately 30 books in each delivery, and the boxes are changed every three months, or sooner if necessary. You can also request specific authors and titles.

April 48 Book bags to be delivered on Wednesday 15april2020Although the library is closed to the public, we are still offering services to the public in many ways.

  • You can borrow and return books by using our house bound book bag delivery system if you live in the Gunnedah township. Just let the library know how many books you wish, and what type, and we will deliver a bag once a fortnight.
  • If you live out of town, you can ask for a bag to be ready at the library for collection on the day of your choice.
  • The library can deliver Children’s activity packs, containing puzzles, games and activities in three age groups – 4 to 7 years; 8 to 12 years, and 13 years +
  • To keep your brain engaged and healthy during the isolation period, the library can also deliver Brain Training @ the Library session packs, containing such activities as join the dots, find the objects, number games, memory activities and word games
  • Check the eResources tab on the library website for a list of electronic materials – books and magazines, and also talking books, available online. You will need your Gunnedah Library membership number to log into some of the sites.
  • The Panorama Project, run in conjunction with Arts North West, is an A5 16 page booklet that can be sent to you to decorate and record your experiences during this time of social isolation. You can record your thoughts/feelings/challenges/activities by drawing/colouring in/photography/diary entries, etc. The booklet needs to be returned to the library by 01 August 2020. It will then go on display throughout the libraries and art galleries of the North West region, before being returned to you. Books can be completed individually or as a team/family project.

Please contact the library on 67402190 for information on any of these services.

Gunnedah Shire Library is gradually transitioning back to normal services, however some aspects of your visit may be different.

When you come into the library, you will need to sign in at the door and use hand-sanitiser.

If you use a public access computer, you will be handed an anti-bacterial wipe to clean the keyboard, mouse, chair arms and the desk before you start.

Social distancing rules apply when moving around the library, so please follow the floor markings and only use chairs that are available.

Members can come into the library to select and return books, however more at-risk members of the community can still access the house bound delivery service. If you live within the Gunnedah township, just let the staff know how many books you wish and what type, and they will deliver a bag once a fortnight.

Some library programmes are starting again such as Brain Training, Knit & Natter, Toddler Time and Junior Brain Games. If you would like to join these groups, please contact the library for more information.

Other programmes such as Bookends Literacy Assist and the School Holiday Programme are still not re-commencing, due to social distancing restrictions. Alternate arrangements for the School Holiday Programme are being organised.

The library still has eResources available through their website. Go to the eResources page to find a list of books, magazines, audiobooks and activities that are available online.